Like Eureka!, only cooler

Now I’m Blushing…

Eric Redmond, one of the authors of Seven Databases in Seven Weeks apparently found my blog, read it and posted a nice comment on his blog.

Now I have no choice but to urge all my three readers (that includes you, Mom) to go and buy this great book. Even if you already own a copy.

Concrete Mathematics Chapter 2 Homework Exercises

It has been a long time since I wrote about this book; I had worked the solutions more than a month ago, but then life happened, and I could not find the time (or, perhaps, more accurately the courage) to typeset my notes…

Anyway, I do have time now and am eager to go on with Chapter 3; but first let’s finish Chapter 2. Today the homework exercises, and very soon the exams and bonus (at least the ones I could do) exercises.

Machine Learning in Action - Naïve Bayes

I am currently reading Machine Learning in Action, as I need something light between sessions with Concrete Mathematics. This book introduces a number of important machine learning algorithms, each time with a complete implementation and one or more test data sets; it also explains the underlying mathematics, and provides information about additional reference material (mostly heavier and more expensive books).

However, in Chapter 4 about Naïve Bayes classifiers, I didn’t see how the implementation derived by the maths. Eventually, I confirm that it could not, and try to correct it.

Concrete Mathematics Chapter 2 Warmups

This first batch of exercises is meant to develop familiarity with the various concepts and notations introduced in this chapter. There is no complex manipulation, but the trick is to be aware of the often unmentioned assumptions about the precise meaning of the expressions.

Concrete Mathematics Chapter 2 Notes

After a long but busy silence, I have now a few notes on the second chapter, Sums. As with Chapter 1, these are nothing revolutionary; just some clarifications of the points that were not obvious to me, as well as other, random observations.